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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ambrosia day two

Ambrosia, day two

I got an email from Tony at Caffe Fresco clarifying a couple of points. The Ambrosia and Red Star both have a recommended brew temp between 199 and 201. As with most things, this is a recommended starting range, as Tony put it ‘let your taste be your guide’. If it has a hint of sourness, up the temp, if it is bitter, lower it. As with all espresso, what is in the cup is what counts.

My guestamation as to the rest time was correct. Caffe Fresco roasts every weekday morning, so my Thursday order was roasted Friday and sent on its way to me. One of the unique things with Caffe Fresco is that your order is on its way 4 hours after the roast. My roast is on day 4, the blend will come into prime in another day. Here is an attempt at a rosetta with the ambrosia.

Incase you are wondering, Caffee is the correct spelling


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