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Monday, September 26, 2005

Red Star, Day Three

I have had a little time with the Red Star so I thought I would drop in some thoughts. The Red Star is defiantly roasted a bit darker than the Ambrosia. The blend contains a generous helping of Sumatra. In my limited experience, Sumatran coffee takes a little darker appearing roast than most. I have found it to be a bit of a balancing act to roast. If you go a little to light than the earthy must will overpower the cup, roast it a tad to long and you get a carbon taste (yes I do home roast 90% of my coffee).

I am still playing with the extraction temperature. I started a bit high on the temp, around 201-202F. While the Ambrosia worked better for me at the higher end of the spectrum, I am finding the Red Star works better at the lower. I pulled a double this evening around 199F, and the cup was even smoother and the carbon hints I was getting in the higher temps were disappearing. It was the best shot yet.

Unfortunately, my family has been sick for a week now and as usual, it has finally started to hit me. It is moving into my head and as a result my taste will be severally affected. I believe human taste is over 90% olfactory (smell), so not being able to smell anything is going to have a severe impact on my ability to pick out the nuances of this blend. I am holding my final thoughts until I finish the blend later this week.


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