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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blend #22 Roast Level

Jeff left a comment with a couple of questions that I thought would be best explained with another thread so all can see.

His question was in regard to the roast level of the Brazil/Yemen. I normally only take the Brazil/Yemen about 20 seconds into second crack, not quite a rolling crack. The Brazil roasts just a tad faster then the Yemen. So when the Brazil is at full city, the Yemen is at city+. If you take a Brazil much further than the first snaps of second crack, it tends to develop a little carbon taste. At least for me it does.

The Harar I am using does not have much of the sought after blueberry note. It is there, but requires a bit darker roast than I normally use to unlock it. At a lighter roast I get apricot/fig/spice, which is good as well, but I find the acidity to be just a tad too high.

Next time I will substitute my normal Brazil (Poco Fundo). It has a bit more body and chocolate note, and go to my normal roast level.


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