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Sunday, October 30, 2005

RedLine, Final Thoughts

Well, I finished the last of my RedLine from Metropolis coffee a couple of days ago. I must say that it was as good, actually better, than I remember.

I would have to sum it up by saying this is a medium to medium high acidity espresso. In the cup you get a mild body with lots of citrus and a very pleasant and surprising chocolate finish. The blend worked best for me at the lower end of the brew temp range, 199-200. I would have to say the blend is at its prime between days 4-7 and good beyond that.

If I had to guess the blend, I would say there is a fair amount of Kenya with a dash of Sumatra and maybe a bit of Brazil and Yemen. A good bright cup, order yourself a bag or two and give it a try.

One side note for those of us that home roast. Tony sells RedLine in the green, so you can always have a batch in the prime usage range. You will not see the green offering on their web page, you have to call and request it.


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