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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

RedLine Recommended Extraction Temps

I emailed Tony in regard to his recommended extraction temps. He recommends an extraction in the 199-201 range.

I also inquired about the blend. Thinking back on my original experience at his café, I was getting a little different profile in the cup. I was defiantly getting a little more body/chocolate in the cup. Tony confirmed that they had made a small adjustment to increase the ‘…hearty (chocolate), but try to maintain the fruit and citrus base…’ The fruit and citrus is defiantly still there and as smooth as always. I do enjoy the added chocolate finish.

I guess that my pallet is developing; I actually remembered the flavor profile from a year ago and could detect a change. I would like to think that I have a relatively developed sense of taste. If I concentrate, I can pick out most of the ingredients in food (I enjoy cooking), now I am trying to translate that same process into espresso. I actually sit down and pseudo-cup a blend and try to isolate the individual tastes and correlate that to the countries of origin. Essentially dissecting the blend, quite fun actually and I have been getting better at it over the past few months.


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