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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blend # 23

Blend 23 is a variation of blend #22. The Harrar and Yemen proportions remain the same. I replaced the Brazil bean with different varietal from the same country (a different Brazil bean).

The blend consisted of 50% Brazil Poco Fundo, 30% Harrar Oromia and 20% Yemen. I pre-roast blended the Brazil and Yemen.

I roasted the Harrar to Full City+. I dumped the roast 20 seconds into second crack. The beans were dark chocolate color with a slight sheen but no visible oil spots. The Brazil and Yemen were roasted to Full City, the first few snaps of second crack. The Brazil and Yemen roast at different speeds so while the Brazil was just starting into second crack, the Yemen was at city+ with a few stragglers at city. You can pick out each bean type based on the color.

Yum, that pretty much sums up the experience. The body was deeper thanks to the Poco Fundo. It was well balanced, a good medium body, medium acidity and a nicely balanced sweetness. Many blends tend to be a little to sweet or not sweet enough; this one hit the sweet spot (no pun intended). I get a little fruit and chocolate in the cup and sweet floral in the aromatics.

My first few shots were pulling almost all crema. As the blend ages it settles down to about 70% crema during the pull. After a 30 second rest the crema settles to a solid half inch. The prime for the blend is in the 3-5 day range then the subtle notes start to fade. I was getting the best extraction in the 198-200 range.


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