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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Aluminum Backing On Your Boiler Insulation

A few days ago I powered up my machine, but after a few moments, I noticed that it was not heating. Grate! Something else that is broken. I pulled the machine and disassembled expecting to find a blown heating coil, burnt electronics or some other disaster. After a bit of quick diagnostic, I ruled out most everything, then I checked the thermal fuse, which should have been my first check. To my horror, I found this!!

Apparently, the foil backing was close enough to the connector that I got some arcing. Burnt the connector to a crisp and blew the thermal fuse. I replaced the fuse and connector, and then put some insulating electrical tape around all of the electronic fittings to prevent it from happening any where else.

I also removed the insulation from one end of the boiler. On my Isomac, most of the electronics are on one end, so I removed the foil backing from the insulation on that end just as an added measure of security.


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