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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Now that I have the machine completely disassembled, it is time to turn to the frame. I decided to take on the stainless steel. It was brown and covered with residua. It appears to have dun battle with a scotch pad. These panels are brushed stainless, the brush grain runs up and down. You don’t take an abrasive scrubbing pad and rub cross grain. If you do you end up with a marred and ugly patch of scratches.

I got out the old high speed buffer (use to detail cars in college) a big bag of bonnets, light grit polishing compound, aluminum polishing cream and some carnauba wax.

I secured the panels to my workbench with some rubber padded clamps. I started with the light grit compound to buff out most of the scratches. You have to buff with the grain in the steel. After a couple of passes I switch to the aluminum polish. Now things get nasty. The oxidation starts to come off, the jewelers rogue in the polish does its job nicely. After another couple of passes and some very dirty bonnets…

I have some respectable brushed stainless steel.


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