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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Faema Rebuild, Putting It Back Together

OOOO boy. I am getting anxious. My parts arrived Friday (thanks Barry) so I started piecing it together. Got the heating element in (fit perfect, I think the previous owner had the wrong element in it) put on the pressure stat and hooked up a few aftermarket lights.

This machine has no power light, boiler light or accent lights. I rummaged around a surplus parts dealer and found a few small panel mount green and amber 220V lights. I hooked one up the Pstat so I have a heater energized light, and the green to the main power. I am gong to remove the amber cover from another and mount it above the boiler sight glass. The sight glass is recessed and very dark when the top is on so this will give me a backlight.

I put the groups back together with all of the new parts and mounted them. I organized the wiring, put some split loom tubing around some of the bundles to keep them organized and tidy.

I put the new innards in my steam and water valves, sealed them up and mounted them in the frame. Dropped in the pump and hooked up the water lines and ground lines. I put the feet on (Yaaa!! I finally have Feet!).

Last on the list. I had to polish the front panel of the machine. I got it polished up and mounted it to the front top assemble and then bolted it onto the machine. Then I could put in my new switches. Originally the machine had two switches with a light beside each switch. The old switches were mismatched and one was even held in with place with electrical tape wrapped around the back and attached to the stainless panel. The lights were just power indicators for the switches. Both lights were also in very sorry shape, they had actually started to melt from hundreds of hours of use. The new switches are push button instead of rocker, and they are backlit so there is no need for the light.

Now I have two holes in the front of the machine. I have some scraps of stainless so I am going to cut a couple of small squares and mount them behind the openings. I will drill a hole in the filler and mount my boiler light in one.

I think it is really starting to look good. A couple more parts and hookups and she will be ready to try out.


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