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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Take a Break From The World

I have been ignoring the BLOG for a couple of weeks. Work has been very hectic, rewiring the network, deploying a new WIFI system, new VOIP phone system and integrated voicemail etc.

I took my first weeks vacation since spring of last year. I like to think I am a relatively seasoned hunter. I grew up hunting and fishing with my father and learning the traditions and values of a real huntsman.

I use the term huntsmen instead of hunter. In today’s world a hunter is not necessarily a good term. I was raised to respect the land and property of others. I never cut a fence, trespass or hunt on someone else’s property without permission. I don’t take a questionable shot or blindly blast into the brush at what I THINK might be game. Too many huntsmen have been wounded or killed by hunters blasting at an unidentified target.

You have to respect the land and the animals you are harvesting. I do not go into the woods to simply kill something. To me, taking an animals life is somewhat of a sacred act. After all, you are killing another living thing. I don’t hunt for trophies, not to say that I would pass on a nice buck. I hunt for food, with the exception of some critters like groundhog and coyote (I have eaten groundhog and it is pretty good).

For those that do not understand why you want to shoot something like a groundhog, they are destructive little critters. Many horses and cows have had to be destroyed because the animal stepped into a groundhog hole and broke its leg. The farmers are more than happy to have someone clear them out of their fields.

So I took my spring vacation and went up to the old farm with my father. A week of solitude, no paved roads, running water, cell phones or computers up there. You have to bring your drinking water; water for washing can be pulled up from the old well house. Take the lid off and drop the bucket down the well hole, let it fill, and crank the handle up to retrieve your water.
No tom turkey this year, lots of hens but spring season is strictly toms. I had deer nearly step on me, baby squirrels playing all around, coyotes, grouse, and a rather large skunk. I spent the day fishing at the farm pond or hunting other critters. Then spend the evening sitting by the tent enjoying the sunset, clean air, and the sounds of nature.


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