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Friday, June 23, 2006

Blend #36

I think I hit a real winner with this one. I have roasted up several batches and been very happy with it, particularly in cappaccuino’s.

The blend consists of…
40% Brazil Poco Fundo
30% Ethiopia Harar Fendishe
20% Java Blawan Government Estate
10% Papua New Guinea Peaberry

This is the same basic blend as #37. That blend was an attempt to lower the acidity and build the body by reducing the Brazil and increasing the Java. The same blending and roast levels apply to this one.

I get dark coco and berry with a little spice in the finish. There is a thick and buttery mouth-feel, it lingers on the pallet for an hour. It is a lively, high acidity espresso; I prefer it in cappa’s. The milk subdues the acidity and really brings out the coco and berry.


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