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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Taught My Son How to Roast Coffee

I had a long weekend a couple of weeks ago. I decided to teach my son how to blend and roast coffee. He has watched me and helped me for a year now. So I got out some greens, scale and my containers and away we went.

I showed him how to zero the scale once we turn it on and put our container on it. I told him how many ounces of each bean we needed, opened the bags just a little so he could pour the beans out and let him go. He did a good job, got the weight right on the nose.

Once we had finished that, it was out to the deck to the roaster. I was going to show him which buttons to push, but he insisted he already knew. So I let him show me, and he got them right. I guess he has been paying closer attention than I thought.

So we set the roaster, let the preheat run and waited for the ready beep. I took the roast chamber cover off, it is to hot to let a child handle. He charged the drum and we sat down to watch the roast progress.

First crack came along; he recognized it with no problem. It subsided, a couple of minutes later we were on the verge of second crack. He got up, went over to the roaster and eagerly awaited the first few snaps of second crack. Snap….snap..snap.snap, time to eject. He pushes the eject button, out comes the roast into the cooling pan. Once that batch was cooled, he set the roaster for the second batch and followed suite.

He did a darn good job, and it was a good blend. We enjoyed a few cappuccinos later that week from his first roast.


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