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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tamper Review is Posted

My tamper review is posted. Scroll down the thread to the bottom and you will see it. Lots of fun.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tamper Review

I am working on some tamper evaluations on Home-Barista. My ‘Kit’ arrived Monday. Interesting how tamper piston geometry affects shots. I will be posting a detailed review on HB next week.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Off to the land of no coffee

I am off again to Newark New Jersey, land of bad coffee and elbow to elbow people. I have to go do some work in our data center.

I told our secretary, excuse me, office assistant, that I needed to be in Newark around mid day because I wanted to get a jump on some work. She books my flight and gets my paperwork to me Friday, I leave Tuesday. She booked me on a 6:30am flight! I had to get up at 3:30am to get ready and head to the airport.

Once I got in and made my way to the hotel to check in (9am) I head over to the data center. A stroke of luck, I got back to our cage and went to work on a server when I noticed our tape changer went south. Wonderful!! I spent another 5 hours working on it, most of which was on the phone with Dell. But we finally got the problems resolved and the changer back on line. Now I can actually start working on what I came out to work on.

Once again I searched the local area for a good coffee shop. Since it has been a year since I was out I was hoping that there was something new. No luck, but it is home this evening to see two of my best friends, LaCimbali and Mr. Faema.

At least it was a pretty sun rise as my plain lifted off in Dayton, but I think the office assistants computer will experience technical difficulties when I get back to the office.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Paradise Roasters Sidamo-Hache Co-Op Part Two

I am nearing the end of my pound. It has been an interesting ride. This is the most unique coffee I have ever tried. Some may find it a little to wild in the cup. This does not lend itself well to a SO espresso. In espresso the flavors are just too intense, interesting to try as espresso, but defiantly not a SO candidate at this roast level. It would make an interesting blender for espresso, but press pot is where this excels.

I have been enjoying it in my French press pot. It is full of flavor, every sip something new jumps out and the nuances shift as the cup cools. In another day the last will be ground but the memory will live on.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Paradise Roasters Sidamo-Hache

I have LOTS of work to do, but that will have to wait. This IS the most unique coffee experience I have had. This is a new crop and my first Sidamo, I am speechless.

My batch was roasted on 7-31. I cut the bag open this morning, 8-4. With any new roast, first impressions are very important. So I cut the top off the bag (zip top re-sealable valve bag) and look in. My goodness, this is a light roast! If I were roasting it, I would say City, just barley out of first crack.

Then I stick my face in the bag and take a deep inhalation through my nose and mouth. Pause, the brain races what the???, another deep inhalation, MY GOD! What is this wonderful aroma! I can literally taste the aroma. It smells like a bag of tropical trail mix! Nut, berry, cocoanut, current, apricot, fruit and sweet like tropical perfume! I go upstairs, wake up the wife, ‘honey, you have got to smell this!’ her facial expression was one of puzzlement; she takes another bag hit, ‘wow’. She does not even drink coffee.

I put a handful in the Cimbali, dialed in the grind and pulled a SO espresso. The dry aroma was incredible, the wet aroma off the chart. The espresso tastes exactly like it smells, a cup of tropical trail mix, incredibly sweet, and incredibly acidic. Way to acidic for espresso use and I thought it would be based on the light roast and intense aroma.

I mixed a hand full half and half with some Brazil yellow bourbon to tone it down a little for espresso. The aroma and flavor lingered on my pallet for over an hour. I am still somewhat bewildered by the experience and am looking forward to getting home. This will make a wonderful press pot.