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Friday, August 04, 2006

Paradise Roasters Sidamo-Hache

I have LOTS of work to do, but that will have to wait. This IS the most unique coffee experience I have had. This is a new crop and my first Sidamo, I am speechless.

My batch was roasted on 7-31. I cut the bag open this morning, 8-4. With any new roast, first impressions are very important. So I cut the top off the bag (zip top re-sealable valve bag) and look in. My goodness, this is a light roast! If I were roasting it, I would say City, just barley out of first crack.

Then I stick my face in the bag and take a deep inhalation through my nose and mouth. Pause, the brain races what the???, another deep inhalation, MY GOD! What is this wonderful aroma! I can literally taste the aroma. It smells like a bag of tropical trail mix! Nut, berry, cocoanut, current, apricot, fruit and sweet like tropical perfume! I go upstairs, wake up the wife, ‘honey, you have got to smell this!’ her facial expression was one of puzzlement; she takes another bag hit, ‘wow’. She does not even drink coffee.

I put a handful in the Cimbali, dialed in the grind and pulled a SO espresso. The dry aroma was incredible, the wet aroma off the chart. The espresso tastes exactly like it smells, a cup of tropical trail mix, incredibly sweet, and incredibly acidic. Way to acidic for espresso use and I thought it would be based on the light roast and intense aroma.

I mixed a hand full half and half with some Brazil yellow bourbon to tone it down a little for espresso. The aroma and flavor lingered on my pallet for over an hour. I am still somewhat bewildered by the experience and am looking forward to getting home. This will make a wonderful press pot.


  • At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Carrie D. said…

    Hello David, I am extremely intrigued by what you are showing on your website. You seem very talented.



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